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From Jesse MacFadyen <>
Subject Re: CordovaView?? - A proof of concept of making a custom Android View with Cordova Web APIs exposed
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2011 08:39:33 GMT
Also, note that I architected WP7 phonegap this way from the start.
The phonegap functionality is inside a user-control so there can be
multiple instances.


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On 2011-12-10, at 10:41 PM, Jesse MacFadyen <> wrote:

> I am working on a similar refactor of iOS code. Moving the majority of
> the code into the view controller and out of the application.
> This will allow the use of a phonegap view in any application, not
> just a PhoneGapApplication subclass.
> I am not as far along as you Joe.
> For an older version of this on iOS please see :
> Cheers,
>  Jesse
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> On 2011-12-09, at 4:34 PM, Joe Bowser <> wrote:
>> Hey
>> I've been working on a refactor of Cordova, and I now have a
>> proof-of-concept in my personal GitHub called PhoneGapView.  I'm going to
>> rename it Cordova once we rename everything, but if you want to check out
>> where things are at, here's the code:
>> Also, here's the repository of the PhoneGapView-Test, with test code:
>> What works:
>>  - Everything that doesn't require an activity, except for the
>>  whitelisting functionality
>> What doesn't work:
>>  - Menu Button and Back Event - Because this is a View and not an
>>  Activity, it does not handle the menu button or back event when it is used
>>  in the activity
>>  - Camera and Capture - These are Intents based, which means that they
>>  can launch the intent for a result, but once they get back to PhoneGap,
>>  they won't be able to do anything without some code to handle the response.
>>   This code belonged to the activity that we were implementing.
>> What remains to be tested:
>>  - Whitelisting: I've added it to PhoneGapView, but I haven't tested it
>>  yet, this may still break
>> If people could check out this branch and provide feedback on the new
>> approach, that would be awesome.
>> Thanks
>> Joe

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