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From Christian Grobmeier <>
Subject Re: [proposal] Moving to Git
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2011 09:36:19 GMT
On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 11:12 PM, Ross Gardler
<> wrote:
> As some here may know, the ASF has been preparing to roll Git out to all
> projects that want it. This work had been non-trivial, the infrastructure
> team have been working on the technical issues since committing to it at
> ApacheCon in 2010 (and before that they had to figure out what the real
> issues were).
> This work has led to the trial in CouchDB. This trial is designed to a)
> test the technical solutions in a working project and b) educate people
> like me who have no experience of working with Git in a community project.
> Since becoming aware of this projects desire to "wait it out" before moving
> to the ASF I have been seeing if there is any way of making this happen
> sooner rather than later.
> For example, on the infrastructure list I said:
> "They (PhoneGap/Callback) have an existing GitHub based community and are a
> well respected project in their own right. The nature of their project
> means that SVN is sub-optimal for reasons we don't hear in the typical Git Vs
> SVN arguments (in short they have lots of platform specific forks of their
> core code but seek to ensure a strong community around the core and each of
> those forks).
> From my limited engagement with them so far I find them respectful of the
> ASFs position and willing to work with us on addressing our concerns. I'm
> not yet sure of how "Apache like" their existing community is, but I do
> find myself saying one thing as a mentor ("you are not allowed to do this")
> whilst feeling another ("you should be allowed to help educate us here"). I
> think we are missing an opportunity.
> With strong mentorship I believe this particular project could help us
> accelerate
> the evaluation of Git within ASF communities. I am a mentor and I'm willing
> to commit to safeguarding the experiment."
> As you can see, I have some significant concerns. Git, as a tool, can be
> useful to a community managed project. However, it was designed for an
> entirely different management model (the Benevolent Dictator). I'm not
> currently sure of where on this spectrum PhoneGap/Callbac sits. However,
> you asked to come to the ASF, your champion is well respected by more than
> just myself and you have some great mentors (not including me of course). I
> assume we are on fairly safe ground here.
> The response to my enquiries has been very positive (it's amazing how
> ill-informed bloggers can be). As a result (and because another mentor has
> stepped up to support my position) I'm willing to make a case to
> infrastructure for you to move to Git ASAP, but I have two conditions
> before I make that request.
> The first is that all mentors on this project support my proposal.
> The second condition is that the team ensure that the documentation over on
> the CouchDB project reflects the process that this project will follow in
> managing the canonical repository here at the ASF. I want it to describe
> how you will manage committer contributions, non-committer contributions,
> IP review, releases and whatever else is important to your project.
> I'm not really interested in the nitty gritty of the processes, we'll work
> that out in practice. What I want is a document that convinces me that
> there will be a single canonical repository for the community to engage
> with. If I am confident you can use Git in an Apache Way style process then
> I'm willing to make the case to infrastructure, and if necessary, the
> board. I'm reasonably sure that if you can convince me and the other
> mentors here then we can convince the infrastructure team.
> Since you are in the incubator and I know nothing of your current
> governance and I don't know if it is close or distant from the Apache Way.
> On the CouchDB list I have posted some comments from an ASF project member
> which defines the process they use in a git-svn environment (they came from
> Git when they came to the ASF). This mail will, hopefully,  be a useful
> starting point (or maybe its all covered in the wiki page already). See
> Taking off my mentor hat for a moment and putting on my VP Community
> Development hat I will use this document, and what I learn from this
> incubation project, to help ensure that Git can be used successfully
> alongside SVN in Apache projects.
> However, please understand that even after all this I cannot guarantee that
> infrastructure will agree to allow you to move to Git. However, I am
> confident enough to be willing to spend some of my time on it, hopefully
> you will be too.
> Are mentors OK with this?


as usual your proposal reads excellent. I would love to see it happen
that way. But I am afraid that I can't help with it. I will write
another mail in a few minutes and step down as a mentor, because of
time/energy issues.

Anyway, I think it is in good mentor hands!



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