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From Shazron <>
Subject [iOS] Halting iOS 3.x and iOS < 4.2 support
Date Sat, 26 Nov 2011 01:11:53 GMT
I believe we've had this discussion before but no decision was made (I
think?) - time to re-visit.

I propose we only support iOS 4.2 going forward (in 1.4?) since it
offers the most features built-in to the UIWebView:
On the native Objective-C side, supporting iOS 4 will also allow us to
use blocks
which is a fundamental technology used in all of their framework APIs
since iOS 4

Risk factors:
* Plugin problems - plugins using blocks in native code cannot be used
on iOS 3. This can be mitigated with support for PhoneGap versions (as
well as built in macros for iOS versions) in pre-processor macros, so
this can be conditionally compiled. This can be solved with versioning
in our future proposed plugin packaging
* Possibly maintaining a iOS 3.x branch at the last iOS 3.x supported
PhoneGap version for bug fixes -- for those that want to still use
that version -- don't really want to do this though

We stopped iOS 2.x support when iOS 4.x came out (thus, we usually
only supported one version back from the current OS version).

The oldest iPhone to have iOS 4.2 support is the iPhone 3G (released
July 2008 - 3+ yrs old, discontinued). Current iPhone is the 4S, 3
models ahead.
[iPod Touch]
The oldest iPod Touch to have iOS 4.2 support is the iPod Touch 2nd
Generation (released Sep 2008 - 3+ yrs old, discontinued). Current
iPod Touch is the 4th Gen, 2 models ahead.
The oldest iPad to have iOS 4.2 support is the iPad 1 (released April
2010, 1+ yrs old, reportedly discontinued). Current iPad is the iPad
2, 1 model ahead.

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