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From Brian>
Subject Re: catchup phone call, issue gardening, group therapy session, planning and updating
Date Sat, 26 Nov 2011 16:17:32 GMT
Understood guys, and just to be clear:

- everyone is invited; the time is usually agreed upon the week before
but we're going to kick up a vote thread for a common time
- we'll post notes, any actions taken will be public

The main purpose is to quell our issue tracker and a quick phone call
is faster to get this done. For example, iOS has, as of the past month
or so, 41 issues. We will go through them as a group and discuss. Its
good for the devs on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone to
understand the user community forces each is dealing with. Helps guide
our mutual understanding of what cross platform is.

Again, anything seriously actionable will be made public, put to
proposal if necessary, and voted. Most of this stuff will be us
vetting issues, logged by the community, for validity. Often folks
will volunteer to work on them in the call. I'm going to assume that
much is ok.

On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 5:01 AM, Ross Gardler
<> wrote:
> Sent from my mobile device, please forgive errors and brevity.
> On Nov 26, 2011 12:42 PM, "Andrew Savory" <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On 26 November 2011 10:04, Ross Gardler <>
> wrote:
>> > The important thing is that you have to work very hard to ensure those
> who
>> > cannot attend are not excluded by that fact. I'll not be at the
> meeting, so
>> > I'll be watching carefully to see how you include me and others like me.
>> >
>> As a followup to this and a second gentle nudge, you'll recall last month:
>> Not wanting to sound like a broken record, but "if it didn't happen on the
>> mailing list then it didn't happen", so I'd really like to see some sort
> of
>> brief summary of the call to help include the rest of the community that
>> can't be on the call. It helps people to understand when decisions were
>> made, why they were made, and once it's in the mail archive it becomes a
>> useful part of the searchable history of the project. It also serves as
> one
>> indicator to the wider community that there's activity in the project,
>> clear governance and direction.
> I agree with the intent of Andrews comments. However, I must stress
> decisions cannot be made on these calls. They can come up with proposals,
> but the decisions must be made enlist.
> To repeat: " if it didn't happen on the mailing list then it didn't happen"
> Ross
>> Also, you might want to mention what timezone the 11am call is at, and who
>> is invited (I assume it's open to the whole community since you're posting
>> it here, but it would be good to be explicit for the avoidance of doubt.)
>> Cheers,
>> Andrew.
>> --
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