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From Brian>
Subject Re: Plans for migrating to SVN?
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2011 13:37:27 GMT
> The canonical source from which releases are made are here at
> the ASF. This is different to the model you are proposing.

Oh, good. We misunderstand. Thats precisely how we want to work. Im
not proposing anything different. (Relief.)

>>> The fact is Git is better at some things
>>> and worse at others.
>> What is it worst at? I think it might help to enumerate some benefits:
> These arguments have been had over and over again. You need to step
> out of your camp and look at the bigger picture if we are to proceed.

Good, I do not want to belabour it either. Acknowledging it is a
perfectly suitable technology, and there is no technical arg otherwise
to be made against it, we agree the principle issue then is that we
need to clearly define the contribution path in documentation for the
ASF. And this we will do. Sent an earlier email to the Couch guys and
contacted them off list. You can expect commitment from us to get this

>> I have not heard any reasoning yet other than its current policy which
>> I view with optimism. We will work with you to change that policy. If
>> our path to doing that is getting docs written from the Couch project
>> then we will immediately begin doing that / participate there. Let me
>> know if we can do anything else to expedite things.
> Excellent. I concur with Christians comments in reply to this.

Cool. Thank you again!

>> (Thank you again for staying tough on us Ross: we appreciate the help
>> in mentorship, and keeping us honest with ourselves and our
>> reasoning.)
> Thanks for recognising my goal here. It's hard enforcing ASF policies
> that I feel need to change. However, I'm not going to push for that
> change until we are well equipped, there is simply too much riding on
> it.


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