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From Patrick Mueller <>
Subject Re: Unified phonegap javascript layer incorperating modules / plugins
Date Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:26:41 GMT
On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 13:23, Andrew Lunny <> wrote:
> The discussion, to my mind, isn't AMD vs CommonJS/Node but an explicit
> function-for-scope (explicit define) versus an implicit/generated
> function-for-scope (generated define). I think scoping is one of the most
> important tools a JavaScript programmer has, and hiding it away as
> something that gets generated as part of a compile-step muddles the
> abstraction layers, and makes programs harder to debug and reason about.

I don't ever remember seeing anyone in Node-land complaining about the
hidden boilerplate.  The boilerplate is defined here: .  Can you
provide some links to conversations concerning this with Node?

Rather, I think Nodesters probably *enjoy* not having to write the
boilerplate, and knowing they get a "free" closure-per-file without
any ceremony.  I know I do.  This experience matches other programming
languages I've dealt with over the years, which provide some amount of
"file private" capabilities (eg, static in C).

Patrick Mueller

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