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From Patrick Mueller <>
Subject multiple issue trackers - apache jira, github callback, etc
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2011 23:10:48 GMT
On the issue gardening call today (notes here: ), the issue of multiple issue
trackers came up.  Here are some of the notes.

> We do not want to force users to use JIRA, because they will simply stop logging issues

It's not difficult to create an apache jira account that you can use
to post bugs, is it?  Personally, I've never considered it a hurdle to
have accounts open all over source repos on the web - apache, eclipse,
github, webkit, mozilla, etc.

> So, our maintainers will take on the responsibility of mirroring GitHub issues on JIRA.
This includes comments.

"This includes comments" seems totally unreasonable.  More reasonable
would be leaving GitHub issue trackers open, and when a new issue is
posted, do the following:

- opening a corresponding tracker on Jira
- post a link to that tracker in the GitHub issue, and then close the issue

People will quickly learn that it's less work to open an issue at Jira
than at GitHub.

Patrick Mueller

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