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From Jukka Zitting <>
Subject On tracking issues, changing names, and making decisions
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2011 23:54:33 GMT

A few notes before the CB-11 issue becomes too unmanageable...

* In general the issue tracker is best suited for clear action items
like tasks to do, features to implement or bugs to fix. Issue comments
work well for discussing implementation details or perhaps even
debating possible alternative solutions. However, wider discussions
are better conducted on the mailing list and taken to the issue
tracker only once there's a rough consensus of what needs to be done.

* Thus, on the topic of deciding on a possible new name for Callback,
my suggestion is to have that discussion here on the mailing list
along the lines described below. Only once consensus on a new name (or
on keeping the current one) is reached, would that decision be
translated into an issue to track any action items required to
implement the decision.

* A few people asked how and by whom the decision on a matter like
that will be made. See [1] for a good primer on how Apache projects
typically make decisions. For the matter of choosing the project name,
I suggest that the people willing to drive this collect name ideas
from the community (including the earlier threads), perform basic
checks (trademark searches, etc.) to narrow things down to a handful
of good alternatives, and finally poll the community for preference
between the final name candidates (and the status quo). In case
consensus does not yet exist at this point, a final decision can be
reached by a formal vote [1] of the Callback PPMC.

... I hope this helps. These are just guidelines, not absolute rules,
so it's also fine if the community feels that an alternative way of
doing things is better.



Jukka Zitting

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