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From Brian>
Subject Re: weinre - jira, versions, etc
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 14:23:36 GMT
> Note that the release schedule has some effect on how to best track
> issues for a codebase. If we release weinre together with the rest of
> Callback, then having it as a component of the CB project in Jira is
> the right solution. Otherwise, if weinre would follow its own release
> schedule, having a separate WEINRE project in Jira would be easier.

Having it live w/ its own versions and shipping at a slightly
different cadence is fine by me. It certainly stands alone as a
project and, once the dust settles in Nitobi/Adobe land, we'll be
resourcing ppl on Weinre too so I hope we see some velocity increase
there. (Lots of ideas like Aardwolf integration, NodeJS service
rewire, CoffeeScript, etc keep coming up.)

> In any case it might be a good idea to start Callback version numbers
> at 2.0, especially if there'll be some renaming of APIs form PhoneGap
> to Callback.

This is a pretty good point. We didn't plan on shipping a 2.x until
the summer timeframe but this is a rather major change to things.
Interestingly, renamspacing to org.apache.callback.* isn't going to
effect our user-base since we pollute the browser globals with

>> - Still not completely clear if I can reship the weinre blob with it's
>> WebKit-y bits and such from apache; I have some homework to do there.  There
>> will always be a lingering issue of LGPL code making it's way into the
>> WebKit Web Inspector code I reship (today it's all BSD), which kinda throws
>> a wrench into the gears.
> I guess we should be able to work out how to handle that.

This is a really particular point of interest that seems to be
discussed a bit on the legal-discuss mailing list archives. Should
kick up a conversation there to see what the larger Apache community
thinks. (I certainly can see many interpretations there.)

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