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From Carlos Vara <>
Subject Re: Bean Validation for GWT
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2010 22:21:16 GMT
> Not really.  A JSR303 validator would also need to hunt for annotations in
> a given class, as well as using reflection-based tricks to generate proxies
> for XML-declared validation constraints.  All in all it would seem that a
>  unified interface with various implementations would be the appropriate
> mechanism to get interoperability between GWT and libraries that typically
> use reflection in Java runtime environments.

True. The good news is that the "validation" part only uses the reflection
API when it has to invoke getters. On the other way, the "parsing" phase
relies heavily on reflection.

Doing the parsing only on the server (on init, as this is a do once step),
and having a way of transferring the validation metadata to the client
(javascript) to perform the validation there would look like the easiest
approach to me. Infact, I think bval-core has functionality for the metadata
transfer, but Roman may correct me on this.


> > I will down load and start poking around in the code.
> >
> >
> > My second question is,  Is there interest a bval-gwt subproject?
> >
> I didn't want to speak for the community, but given Donald's input, I would
> agree:  the more the merrier.
> -Matt
> > R,
> > nick

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