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From Gunith Devasurendra <>
Subject RE: Newbie: How can I contribute?
Date Sun, 04 Oct 2015 15:44:49 GMT
Hello Aaron,

Thank you for the kind welcome and advice on starting up. 

Happy to say that I completed most of the setup steps without a problem.  The only problem
I got is when I was defining and querying. Please find the lines of the console as follows,

gunith@gunith-X555LA:~/apps/apache-blur-h.2.6.0.b.0.3.0.incubating-bin/bin$ ./blur shell
blur (default)> create -t testtable -c 11 -l hdfs://namenode/data/testtable namenode
blur (default)> create -t testtable -c 11 -l hdfs://localhost/data/testtable Call From gunith-X555LA/ to localhost:8020 failed on connection
exception: Connection refused; For more details see:
blur (default)> create -t testtable -c 11 -l file:///data/testtable
Table [testtable] has already exists.
blur (default)> mutate testtable rowid1 recordid1 fam0 col1:value1
Shard [shard-00000004] in table [testtable] is not being served by this server.
blur (default)> 
blur (default)>  query testtable fam0.col1:value1
usage: query <tablename> [<options>]
 -disableRowQuery               Disables row query. (Enabled by default)
 -facet <facet>                 Specify facet to be executed with this
 -fetch <fetch>                 Specify the number of elements to fetch in
                                a single page.
 -h                             Displays help for this command.
 -max <max>                     Specify the maximum amount of time to
                                allow query to execute.
 -min <min>                     Specify the minimum number of results
                                required before returning from query.
 -query <arg>                   * Query string.
 -recordFilter <recordFilter>   Specify record filter.
 -rowFilter <rowFilter>         Specify row filter.
 -rowId <rowId>                 Specify the rowId to execute the query
                                against (this reduces the spray to other
 -scoreType <scoreType>         Specify the scoring type.
 -sort <sort>                   Specify a sort to be applied to this query
                                <family> <column> [<reverse>].
 -start <start>                 Specify the starting position (paging).
 -width <width>                 Specify max column width for display.
blur (default)> 

Any idea as to what am doing wrong?

Also, another thing: I tried to open the project on Eclipse (as a Maven project with profile
'binary'), but some of the Hadoop imports show as missing classes. What IDE do you guys use?
If it's Eclipse, am I missing a step in creating the project?

Thanks and Best Regards,

> Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2015 20:32:55 -0400
> Subject: Re: Newbie: How can I contribute?
> From:
> To:
> Welcome!
> First I would checkout master from the git repo and build the project.
> git clone
> mvn install
> add -DskipTests
> add -Pbinary to get binary artifacts.
> After that checkout
> for a
> getting started.  We recently have moved to java8 so that is a
> requirement.  Also the getting started is close but could be slightly
> different now.  Let us know how it goes.  Thanks!
> Aaron
> On Sat, Oct 3, 2015 at 12:48 AM, Gunith Devasurendra <>
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm a Java developer of around 6 years from Sri Lanka and I found your
> > project interesting, despite not having much domain experience.
> > Am keen to contribute. I would be grateful if someone can help me start?
> >
> > Thanks and Best Regards,
> > Gunith
> >
> >
> >
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