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From Tim Williams <>
Subject hadoop profiles
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2014 14:35:31 GMT
We currently use profiles to support building to varying versions of
Hadoop and, inside the profile, we alter the "projectVersion" tag to
append the profile name.  This mostly works, but it leads to problems
publishing snaphot artifacts to some maven repos (e.g. artifactory).

I believe the correct way to get the behavior we want is to leave the
projectVersion alone and use "classifier" to get the same artifact
naming behavior.  So, in the profile we'd set some classifier property
(e.g. <hadoopClassifier>hadoop1</hadoopClassifier>), then in the jar
plugin refer to the profile's property (e.g.
<classifier>${hadoopClassifier}</classifier>) which will result in the
classifier string being appended to the artifact name.

The side effect of this is that dependencies on blur would need to
specify the classifier with their dependency.



**NOTE: There's a longer-term "fix" for this that involves introducing
our own set of interfaces that can be implemented with various hadoop
"projects" - which would allow us to get rid of profiles all together
and just use dependencies.  I'm looking for a quicker solution than
that right now.

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