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From Chris Rohr <>
Subject Testing weirdness
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2014 11:47:03 GMT
This isn't totally a Blur question exactly, but I'm having some
weirdness running console tests and I thought I would get some insight
to see if anyone has any ideas.  Here are the scenarios that I have
performed an the outcomes (note, this is on a feature branch I'm
currently working, I will indicate the scenario outcomes on current
master as well).

#1 Running each test class standalone in Eclipse
#1 Outcome (Pass): each test passes

#2 Running all tests in Eclipse
#2 Outcome (Errors): The first test usually passes and then all
subsequent tests fail with connection loss to Zookeeper (from
minicluster).  Note in this scenario, each test class starts the mini
cluster and then after shuts it down

#3 Running the ConsoleTestSuite class in Eclipse
#3 Outcome (Failures): MiniCluster starts before all, the tests run
but any assertion after changing Blur (i.e. creating a table or
querying) fails like the action never happened, then the MiniCluster
shuts down.

#4 Running each test class standalone in Maven
#4 Outcome (Errors): MiniCluster isn't in the classpath (fyi, the
blur-core module is a test dependency not compile scope) ----- This
passes in current master

#5 Running all tests from blur-console directory in maven
#5 Outcome (Errors): Same as #4 ----- This passes in current master

#6 Running the ConsoleTestSuite in Maven
#6 Outcome (Errors): Same as #4 ----- This has the same affect in
current master as #3

#7 Running all tests from root in maven
#7 Outcome (Errors): Never get to blur-console as other modules fail first

I'm sure this is something I'm just missing.  To give some more info
on the changes I made on my feature branch.  I am trying to remove the
dependency on ZookeeperClient hence removing the dependency on
blur-core for the console.  I did have to leave it in the test scope
(as well as the blur-core test-jar) for the MiniCluster.

Sorry this is so long, but hopefully someone can shed some light on
what I am doing wrong.


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