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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Re: console dev
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2014 19:20:19 GMT
On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 12:31 PM, Chris Rohr <> wrote:
> Tim,
> Sorry, the README needs to be updated as things have moved around.  There
> are a couple of ways to do development on the UI portion of the code base.
> 1. From the src/main/webapp directory run grunt serve which will start a
> nodejs server (port 3000 i believe) and serve up the UI and watch for JS
> and CSS changes.  This process will also use fake data by default but you
> can change that by delete the fakeIt parameter
> 2. In eclipse, if you change the source js and scss files you still need to
> run the grunt commands to "compile" into the public directory.  If you have
> the server running in eclipse, eclipse will NOT auto update the running
> system, so you will have to refresh and restart the server on each change
> if you want to see it.

Well, I was going for option 3 - I crafted a bash script that parses
the Gruntfile and uses that to create a new driver file
(index-dev.html) that uses the exploded js files and sits beside the
index.html file.  Sadly, it caused me to realize that we don't seem to
actually ship the sources to these dependencies. With this experience,
I'd like to gently raise a couple questions:

1) I think we should be shipping the source code for these js
dependencies with the source distribution vs the 'uglified' stuff
embedded in our uglified js file.  Thoughts?

2) It seems like the console is a pretty smallish project with a
pretty high bar of entry.  I'm wondering if there's a simpler approach
than the grunt/bower/karma/npm dependencies/build system?  It seems
like we'd want folks to be able to download the source and be able of
making a few JS tweaks without having to install all of that stuff.
Something simple, simple, simple?


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