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From Chris Rohr <>
Subject Blur Console v2 Design Proposal
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2013 00:33:51 GMT

As I have begun to start the next version of the console I wanted to give
everyone my proposal for what should be in it and get any feedback that you
may have.  I have created a new branch (new-blur-console) and will be
pushing it up as soon as I can.  Please let me know if you have any
questions/opinions/suggestions about this proposal.  If I don't hear from
anyone, I will just assume it looks good and I will move forward.

Thanks in advance,

*Blur Console v2 Design Proposal*


This writeup will help to determine what direction the console portion of
Blur should go.  There has always been a need for a push button, easy setup
solution so that dev-ops could get up and running with the console faster.
*NOTE: *This is purely a suggestion and all opinions and recommendations
are welcome.


Java program that runs an embedded Jetty server.  The purpose of the Jetty
server would be to serve up any of the html pages and resources needed for
the page as well as potentially any JSON based calls.

*Interaction with Blur*

The console would utilize the Javascript generated Thrift API of Blur to
communicate and retrieve information from Blur.

*Main Site Framework*

We are looking to use AngularJS to provide an MVC framework in the browser
so that we will not have to rely on a front-end component and a back-end
component to this system.  This should allow this tool to be much more


The main page of the site would be broken into tabs for major pieces of
functionality.  The list below will outline what each tab would provide:

   - Dashboard
      - Controller Node Status (chart)
      - Shard Node Status by Cluster (chart)
      - Query Load by Cluster (chart)
      - Query Performance by Cluster (chart)
      - Number of Tables (chart)
      - Long Running Query Warnings
   - Tables
      - Listing of Tables by Cluster and by Status
      - For each table
         - Shard Layout
         - Schema
         - Term Lookup
      - Actions
         - Disable Table
         - Enable Table
         - Delete Table (with or without deleting underlying index in HDFS)
       - Queries
      - List of Running Queries (last 2 minutes)
      - For each Query
         - Display base info about the query (query string, user, status)
         - Extra info about query (selector information)
       - Search (live search of Blur)

In addition we can have some base user preferences that will be stored in
local storage or cookies in the browser.

*Things missing from v1*

The following items will not be in v2 either because they are not in the
Blur API yet or because of the lack of a server polling component.  These
are all things that were nice to have but aren’t as critical.  If any of
these become critical we can figure out how to provide this information to
the console.

   - Zookeeper ensemble status
   - Ability to monitor more than one Blur instance in the same tool (each
   instance will have its own Console now)
   - All HDFS pieces (deferring to other purpose built tools like Hue)
   - User auditing of actions like disabling or deleting a table (we could
   do this with the server component)
   - Keeping track of more queries than the Blur cache of 2 minutes (we
   could do something that until a page refresh we could keep track of more).

*Other Items to consider*

One other big item to consider is how to configure the console.  I’m
thinking that we could just figure out how to tie into the blur-site config.

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