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From Garrett Barton <>
Subject Re: Reworking the data model
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2013 16:49:59 GMT
+1 here.

I also agree with Colton about making docgroup/row optional. I know in the
current design its not easy but I remember Aaron saying in the branch it
might be possible to specify any column as the I'd making me think it might
be possible to not have one at all.
On Sep 30, 2013 10:41 AM, "Colton McInroy" <> wrote:

> I personally think that the Row/Record/Column model makes sense. If you
> have some documentation on the site saying here are the Lucene equivalents
> to Blur it would probably avoid having those types of questions in the
> future. If you have an explanation of this, you could leave the model the
> same to avoid having to make a bunch of changes and cause chaos.
> Glad the Family attribute is being dropped, I kinda came in at the end of
> it's lifespan I guess, because it doesn't really make much sense to me. How
> long till it's actually dropped from the code though?
> One thing I would like to see is Row be an option. In my current
> implementation of Lucene code I don't use them at all, because what I am
> working with makes no sense to have rows really. I also don't recall
> DocGroups being required in Lucene, and I never worked with them, so that
> kinda threw me off when I ran into it.
> Thanks,
> Colton McInroy
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> On 9/30/2013 6:45 AM, Tim Williams wrote:
>> Hi Devs,
>> I'm wondering if we should go ahead and endure the [painful] move to a
>> more intuitive data model in Blur?  Here are some observations:
>> 1) New folks coming to Blur have a background in Lucene - not
>> necessarily a NoSQL data store - and want to know where their
>> "Documents" are.
>> 2) For folks aware of NoSQL stores, the Row/Record model can be
>> misleading in terms of design tradeoffs.
>> 3) The Row/Record model seems to bring a significant explanation burden.
>> In the past we've talked about a model that's more aligned with
>> Lucene's Document's.  Aaron did some api work on a branch a while back
>> and it's come up in an issue again recently.
>> So, I'm wondering if now is the time to just endure some shortish
>> period of pain changing everything over now?  The idea being something
>> like:
>> Row -> DocGroup
>> Record -> Document
>> Column -> Field
>> Family -> (dropped)
>> I think this will alleviate some confusion and provide a solid
>> foundation for the long term; enabling a shorter learning curve and
>> less confusion.
>> Such a big change would be good to get done while we're still a
>> small-ish community but I think it's important that everyone is on
>> board - as it will no doubt create lots of short term chaos and
>> confusion...
>> Thoughts?
>> Thanks,
>> --tim

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