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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Minicluster
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2013 01:42:00 GMT
Is anyone able to do anything useful with multiple shards on the
MiniCluster?  I can't tell whether it's local to me or not.  When I
run a single shard all is well, I can add docs, and search no problem.
 When I launch the same code with more than one shard, the
BlurClientManager on the shard server-side hiccups:

ERROR 20130220_20:33:32:032_EST [thrift-processors0]
thrift.BlurClientManager: All connections are bad [5].
ERROR 20130220_20:33:32:032_EST [thrift-processors0]
server.BlurServer: Unknown error
at $Proxy9.addDocuments(Unknown Source)
at org.apache.blur.server.BlurServer.forwardAddDocuments(
at org.apache.blur.server.BlurServer.addDocuments(

anyone seen this on the 0.2-dev stuffs?


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