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Subject git commit: Added a README for development setup
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2014 02:23:02 GMT
Repository: incubator-blur
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/console-v2 f27fbe181 -> d2f498bf5

Added a README for development setup


Branch: refs/heads/console-v2
Commit: d2f498bf503ea3e0f2016f023edbb97b2cb901b7
Parents: f27fbe1
Author: Chris Rohr <>
Authored: Sun Mar 30 22:22:50 2014 -0400
Committer: Chris Rohr <>
Committed: Sun Mar 30 22:22:50 2014 -0400

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diff --git a/contrib/blur-console/ b/contrib/blur-console/
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+# Blur Console
+Blur Console is a tool built to help visualize that status of an Apache Blur (Incubator)
cluster.  The tool contains information about node status, table status, and query status.
 The tool also has a built in search page to quickly search and retrieve records and rows
from Apache Blur.
+## Development Setup
+The development for this tool is done in two pieces the UI (Javascript) and the services
(Java).  The services piece contains and encapsulates all of the connections and requests
into Apache Blur.  The services piece is also responsible for starting a webserver and serving
the static UI resources.  The structure of this component allows for the UI and services to
be worked on independently and then both can be packaged together for one distribution.
+In order to contribute to the development of this component the following tools/languages
will need to be available:
+* Java
+* Ruby (1.9.x or higher)
+* Node (0.10.x or higher) - This will come with npm
+### UI Development
+The UI code lives in the ui directory.  This directory has been setup like a standard javascript
based application would be.  The goal of this is to allow for rapid development of the UI
components while flushing out the service API.  The UI portion has been built so that the
system can be run with fake data to mock out the actual Apache Blur integration.
+To get up and running to work on the UI component you can follow these steps:
+1. Install bower (js package manager)
+		npm install -g bower
+2. Install grunt-cli (node build manager)
+		npm install -g grunt-cli
+3. Install compass (this will install sass a stylesheet compiler)
+		gem install compass
+4. Install project build/test dependencies (from the ui directory)
+		npm install
+5. Install js dependencies (from the ui directory)
+		bower install
+Once the dependencies and build tools are installed the following commands can be used (from
the ui directory):
+* Run tests
+		grunt test
+* Start development server (server will be available on port 9000)
+		grunt serve
+### Services Development
+The services code lives at the root of the console directory and is a basic maven project.
+## Packing for distribution
+TODO: Need to still figure this out
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