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From Bernd Fondermann <>
Subject Re: advancement of Bluesky project
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 08:54:22 GMT

Since project Bluesky started, it was continiously developed - yet not
in the open, with others able to participate, seeing progress,
establishing a steady group of contributors, getting to know the
developer community etc.
Instead, you developed the code in a closed environment, with eventual
code drops here at Apache. The developer turn-over was substantial.
This is all legitimate for software development. However, it is not
what Apache and the Incubator is all about.
To be fair, you didn't get the mentor support from Apache the project
would have needed.

I'd suggest to end Incubation for Bluesky here at Apache and propose
you open source your software within the realm of your university or
something like that. Many institutions do so successfully.


On Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 08:41, hz nan <> wrote:
> Hi, alL
> Thanks for your attentions to our Bluesky project.
> Since 2008,we have made a lot of progress for Bluesky. We've developed four different
versions about our projects. May be you can not notice these advancements due to
> so long releasing periods.
> This is our neglection! So sorry for that.
> Our lab made so much efforts to advance this project and we've really achieved some progresses.
> Precently, we have already finished our system deployment of the 4th version and then
we plan to upload and release this version to Acpache community.
> The 4th version has a lot of new functions to increase fluency of the interactive hehaviors
between teacher and students and support IPV6 access and IPTV.
> The next task for our projects is to release the 4th version to Apache community.
> The concrete steps can be listed as follows:
> 1.release the codes of server part  in the recent 2 months.
> 2.test the other parts ' stabilities.
> 3.release the codes of DTU part in the september and October.
> 4.improve the data transportations between teaccher part and student part.
> 5. release the teacher part and student part before 2012 begins.
> Please give us a chance to continue this significant communications.
> Thanks so much for all members who pay attention to our 4th version Bluesky system.
> Best regards!
> 2011-06-17
> hz nan

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