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From Bernd Fondermann <>
Subject Re: The lisences of libraries used in mersmp
Date Wed, 02 Sep 2009 09:57:14 GMT
2009/9/1 Samuel Kevin <>:
> hi Bernd:
>    like i've said ,BlueSky is consisted of two sub-systems. RealClass
> system and MERSMP system. I am a member of RealClass team. RealClass team
> has been working since the day we enter the incubation and gradually
> understand how podling works, though that may still far below the
> anticipation of Apache community. Mistakes, though we probably will make.
> But recently, i believe we are on the way.   As to the core team of
> RealClass, we have a relative clear concept of where RealClass goes in the
> future.
>   And to the MERSMP team, it seems  they don't consider fostering a
> community as the first priority. Instead, they devote themselves into the
> revolving of MERSMP system rather than talking about their system on  dev
> mailing list. It's absolutely unacceptable, right? But you know it's how
> hard to persuade a programmer that he can't save the world........  God
> bless they finally realize what they had done can't help the forwarding of
> incubation.  Thus they join the discussion recently.  i hope they could
> progress faster since we had already on the verge of failure-_-!. i hope
> MERSMP team could act faster rather than an better explaination. thanks.
> regards,
> Kevin

Thanks Kevin. Now I understand much better.

How do RealClass and MERSMP depend on each other?
For example, if RealClass would be able to make an Apache release
today would it work at all without MERSMP?


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