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From Bernd Fondermann <>
Subject Re: what we are doing and proposed next step
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2009 08:36:29 GMT
Doing a release is a good goal.
However, before looking deeper into the exact requirements for doing a
release, I'd like to see developers in action on the mailing list and
working on the code in svn as an open source project. I'm seeing none
of that currently. All this work would be directed towards a release,
but actually doing the release for me is more of a mid-term goal.

On a more general note - and I'm sorry to say that - I see the Bluesky
project on the edge of failure.
There are not enough active mentors on the project and no open
development is taking place.


On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 09:46, Samuel Kevin<> wrote:
> Hi, All:
>    After we solve the problem of FFmpeg, i guess our next goal is to make
> the first release. I've read through the whole page of guidlines of Release-
> Wow, it's quite
> large and to some extent, for me, ambiguous. The following is my
> understanding to Release.
>    Release involves two things most. First is the code. We should guarantee
> both quality and the legitimacy under ASL. Personally, i suggest that we
> should focus on clarifying the legitimacy of the source code.  Some codes
> ,with free license , the initial developers used in our project are mixed
> with the code they wrote. So we had to isolate the free licensed code and
> clarify the license. For the sake of convinience, the initial developers put
> some libs, whose licenses conflict with ASL, in the source code. Of course,
> we should also clear them out.
>   Second is the documentation. I checked the example the guideline shows-
> and i found that we only miss the API
> document. I suppose we could use doxygen to help us complete the API. I
> don't think comments our code follow the rules of doxygen, so i recommend
> that we could mend that when clarifying the legitimacy of the source code.
>    Guys, here's my  thought about next step.
>    1:Clarify the legitimacy of the source code, meanwhile label the comment
> which apt to generate API document by doxygen;
>    2: use doxygen to create API documents;
>    3: finish the relevant work a Release needs and make the first Release;
> guys, what do you think about that ?  Any suggestion?
> regards,
> Kevin
> --
> Bowen Ma a.k.a Samuel Kevin @ Bluesky Dev Team    XJTU
> Shaanxi Province Key Lab. of Satellite and Terrestrial Network Tech

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