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From Luciano Resende <>
Subject Re: How to proceed - next steps
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2009 22:38:09 GMT
Let me apologize in advance for the harshness on this e-mail, but we
are already long ways into Incubation and at least the open discussion
part of "the Apache Way"  should be known by all members of the
community at this point.

2009/8/10 Samuel Kevin <>:
> Hi,Bill:
>  our summer vacation ranges from 28th,July to 15th,August. And i just came
> back from my hometown where hardly can i connect to internet.
> 2009/8/10 Bill Stoddard <>
>> Bluesky Team,
>> We need to make plans to take this project to graduation.  To graduate, the
>> project must have code to release and have a sustainable community. Right
>> now, we don't have code, we don't have a community and we don't have a plan
>> for acquiring either.
> Actually, A rough plan had been made before the beginning of the summer
> vacation. We'd complete it soon after 15th, August.

The minute you guys entered incubation, this stopped being the "the
Bluesky Dev Team  at  XJTU"  to become a BlueSky Community at Apache.
Roadmap discussions, what's next kind of plans should be all done on
the project public mailing list, and not in a room with couple local
people. It's not too late, please finalize this planning or whatever
it is in this mailing list, with all students and professors
interacting together with proposed goals and additional comments from
everybody else from the community.

>> What remains to be done to release working code? What are the blocking
>> issues preventing us from releasing working code?  What is the plan to work
>> through each blocking issue? Have the GPL/LGPL and other license
>> compatibility problems been resolved and if not, what is the outlook to
>> resolving these problems?  If you can submit a step by step plan for how we
>> will get to working code,  I will work with the mentors on getting team
>> members commit access to the project.
> We've start the replacement of FFmpeg with Theora and Vorbis. But if we
> could solve this  problem by compiling FFmpeg into LGPLed and provide FFmpeg
> lib in a non-ASF site, it could save us at least 2 months.

I liked that there is a open thread on this issue, I guess that we can
work on the details about this on that thread. The main issue here is
how we are going to make the LGPled code available outside ASF.

>> Clearly, we need to grant commit access to some new team members.  Please
>> provide a list of proposed new committers, their role in the project and how
>> long we expect those people to be around.  I am expecting a relatively small
>> list here, so please do not include people who are unlikely to spend time
>> learning how to work on ASF projects or make significant contributions.
>>  Once I see and review the list, I'll provide instructions for what to do
>> next.

Bill, I'll wait for the "what to do next here", but I'd really like to
see some JIRAs and Patches coming from this new members before they
get any project karma.

> I will contact Dr Jiangshan tomorrow and provide the list soon.

Is Dr. Jiangshan participating on the project, how about asking him to
reply to the e-mail thread and give the names on this thread.
Remember, it's all about an open community and open communication...

>> My plan is to revoke the ids of the inactive members (people who have
>> graduated and moved on).  Will post those id's to this list and give the
>> team time to review before asking the infrastructure team to revoke the ids.


Luciano Resende
Apache Tuscany, Apache PhotArk

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