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From Bill Stoddard <>
Subject code review and some requests
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2009 00:35:52 GMT
I've started looking at some of the files in the dtu and I have some 

asyncsocketex.h and clientsocket.h each contain some class declarations 
that sound very familiar, CAsyncSocketEx and CClientSocket, so I googled 
them... and got many hits.   Are these original files or were they 
pulled from another project?

dtunit.h includes a file jmutex.h... where does jmutex.h come from?

I have similar question on multiple files and it is just not feasible 
for me to review each file in this level of detail..

Before I spend more time doing code review, I would like to see several 

0) A full accounting of all bluesky code that was pulled from other 
It is not wrong to pull code from other projects to include in bluesky, 
provided the other project license allow you to do so. However, we MUST 
ALWAYS give proper attribution to any code we copy into bluesky.  The 
original author's copyright statements must NOT be removed and we must 
also capture that copyright statement in the LICENSE file that will be 
distributed with bluesky. Here is the license file that is distributed 
with Apache HTTP Server:

Scroll down into the LICENSE file, and you will discover many copyright 
statements from other projects for code that Apache HTTP Server is using.

If bluesky uses code from other projects, we must clearly identify the 
code and include the copyright statements in the LICENSE file, just as 
the Apache HTTP Server project has done.

1) the bluesky team should identify each external library needed to 
build and run each bluesky component (dtu, student, teacher and tserver)

For each external library, please report a) the name of the library b) 
brief description of the service the library provides c) how it links 
into bluesky (static at build time or dynamic at runtime) and also d) 
the license of the library. Updating this link for each bluesky 
component would be good:

2) Instructions on how to build each component. 

3) Instructions on how to get bluesky running (a demo)

I need Steps 0-2 completed before I can conduct more code reviews.

Let me know if you have any question. 


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