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From J Aaron Farr <>
Subject Re: monthly report
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2008 09:55:30 GMT

Thank you.  I've posted it on the wiki.

chenwei_yi2003 <> writes:

> Now, BlueSky ASF Project is running in the first phase. A lot of efforts are done to
legalize the BlueSky source code under Apache licence. For RealClass system source code, there
are three main third-part libraries whose licences do not comply with ASL definitely. They
are GUN c++ stl, arts and ffmpeg. The issue that dynamic link with GPLed GUN c++ stl in RealClass
system source code is legal or not have been discussing in bluesky mailing list. The conflict
which the other two libraries lead to are so complicated that more time is spent and discuss
in details to resolve this problem.
> Besides ,we do the following:
> 1.In order to introduce RealClass system’s functions, feature and usage, we supply
the document about system customer manual to BlueSky website.
>     2.Due to conflict with ASL, the work of committing the source code is behind of the
> --
> Wei Chen @ Bluesky Team Xi'an JiaoTong University

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