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From "Bernd Fondermann" <>
Subject Re: how do we deal with list.h
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2008 06:38:13 GMT
On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 09:42, Samul Kevin <> wrote:
> sorry that i don't understand you appropirately.
> this is the first mail i send to him:

Thanks for sharing this :-)

However, when determining if a license is compatible with the ASL we
do not trust external people, which are often not  familiar with how
we deal with licenses. There is the legal-discuss mailing list here at
Apache where these kinds of problems are discussed.

Also, your mentors should be familiar with Apache licensing. Please
ask them for more advice or go to legal-discuss.


> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Samul Kevin <>
> Date: 2008-8-22 13:37
> Subject: consulting about the license of stlport
> To: "" <>
>  hi,our group is scratching a project which is incubating by Apache
> Software Foundation.However,the c++ libarary what we are using (accordrance
> with GPL) collide with Apache Software License.Thus we have to change the
> libarary.
>  After browsing stlport license,i found that it might NOT collide with
> ASL.So i write this letter to confirm if it's totally ok when we use stlport
> under ASL. Appriciate your help.Thks
> Sincerely yours
> Bowen
> and this is his reply:
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Boris Fomitchev <>
> Date: 2008-8-23 4:26
> Subject: Re: consulting about the license of stlport
> To: Samul Kevin <>
> Cc: "" <>
> Yes, sure - STLport license does not collide with ASL.
> Best,
> -Boris.
> Then you ,Bernd,brought out the two questions about the relicense problem.I
> had to say,i didn't quite get it at first time.Not until Jiangshan showed me
> the importance of the license problem did realized it really of account to
> make these license things clear.So i wrote to Boris the second letter,and i
> quoted your question in the letter:
> I feel terribly sorry that i don't make my question in detail.the mentors of
> our project wondered that " What license has stlport and can/will it be
> relicensed to ASL?"
>  we used c++ stl which obeys the GPL license.Unfortunately,it's in the
> excluded catagory of Apache license.So we had to find another c++
> stl.Somebody told us STLPORT is good and may be appropiate to our project.So
> i have to make it clear that if the license of STLPORT can be relicensed to
> ASL.
> this is the license of ASL
> this is the Third-Party Licensing Policy,i wanna know that whether the
> STLPORT lisence belongs to the authorized catagory.
> appriciate your help
> sincerely yours
> Bowen
>    He have't answered it yet. i don't know if it's the question you wanna
> us to resolve.It's true that we do have some communication problem and i
> think the only way to fix it is to communicate MORE.So don't cherish your
> critics,just bring them on^_^.
> 2008/9/1, Bernd Fondermann <>:
>> On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 03:44, Samul Kevin <> wrote:
>> > i wrote to the author to confirm that.waiting for the answer now^_^
>> As said before, it is good practice to copy the list with what you
>> wrote him and copy his answer to the list, too.
>> So everyone can actually take part in deal with this important issue
>> and is not only a bystander.
>> There still seems to be a big lack of understanding what working here
>> at Apache is all about.
>> Bernd

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