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From "Shan Jiang" <>
Subject Re: Howto: How To update the bluesky website
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2008 07:32:47 GMT
I have practiced the steps Bill told us. It works easily and effectively.
Previously, Bill have told us to edit and update the files with
references to "".
At that time, I have three questions about these steps that still
puzzled me now.
1. it seem that svn update on update only the files
and sub-directories under the directory of bluesky/webpage on svn
repos, doesn't it? I have testified it in practice.
2. Does svn update on people.apache associate only with the deirectory
of bluesky/webpage on svn repos? Administrator of people.apache did
3. As we know that svn co can copy the files or dirs form svn repos to
/username in local, where does svn update put the copy in
people.apache, current path? I have executed the command of svn update
in the /home path on people.apache. It failed.
Thanks a lot for unpuzzling me!

On 8/21/08, bill stoddard <> wrote:
> bill stoddard wrote:
>> Spent some time this evening getting the bluesky website cleaned up in
>> the svn repository.  If you want to make updates to the site, here is
>> how you do it:
>> First: On your machine... checkout the bluesky website from the svn repo
>> $ svn co  .
>> Edit the website files as needed.
>> Second: Check-in your changes to the website svn repo
>> $ svn commit -m "a brief message describing what you changed"
>> Your changes & updates are now checked into the svn repo, next you
>> need to 'publish' the site:
>> Third: ssh into
>> $ ssh
>> $ cd /www/
>> Fourth: check out the website from svn
>> $ svn co .
> It's late, has been a long day and I'm not thinking clearly... this
> fourth step is wrong.  Should do an svn update rather than a checkout:
> $ svn update
> That should pull in all files that have changed in the svn repo.
> You still need to issue chmod g+w on any files that were updated to give
> them group write permissions.
> very simple isn't it? :-)
> Bill

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