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From bill stoddard <>
Subject Re: Howto: How To update the bluesky website
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2008 22:29:55 GMT
bill stoddard wrote:
> Shan Jiang wrote:
>> 3. As we know that svn co can copy the files or dirs form svn repos to
>> /username in local, where does svn update put the copy in
>> people.apache, current path? I have executed the command of svn update
>> in the /home path on people.apache. It failed.

the 'co' in 'svn co' means 'checkout', not 'copy'.  When you run 'svn 
co' the .svn subdirectories are created and these subdirectories contain 
files used by the svn client to remember where the svn repository is 
located (and other information about the respositoy too).  When you do 
an 'svn update' in a directory that was checked out, the svn client 
looks into the .svn subdirectories to know how to find the svn 
repository, it an also find which files have changed in the repository 
and refresh those files in your local 'checked out' copy of the 
repository. Does that make sense?  If not, I'll try to explain it in a 
different way. Let me know.


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