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From bill stoddard <>
Subject Re: Howto: How To update the bluesky website
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2008 20:49:32 GMT
Shan Jiang wrote:
> I have practiced the steps Bill told us. It works easily and effectively.
> Previously, Bill have told us to edit and update the files with
> references to "".
> At that time, I have three questions about these steps that still
> puzzled me now.
> 1. it seem that svn update on update only the files
> and sub-directories under the directory of bluesky/webpage on svn
> repos, doesn't it? I have testified it in practice.
> 2. Does svn update on people.apache associate only with the deirectory
> of bluesky/webpage on svn repos? Administrator of people.apache did
> it?
> 3. As we know that svn co can copy the files or dirs form svn repos to
> /username in local, where does svn update put the copy in
> people.apache, current path? I have executed the command of svn update
> in the /home path on people.apache. It failed.
> Thanks a lot for unpuzzling me!

I'm not sure how to begin answering these questions... so I'll start 
writing and hopefully things will be clearer at the end (^_^)

Try this on your local machine:
$ svn co

What you will get is the ENTIRE bluesky svn repository, containing the 
website, trunk, tags, everything.

Now try this (in a new directory on your local machine)
$ svn co    foo

You have just checked out the bluesky website (and only the bluesky 
website), and placed it in directory 'foo' on your local machine.  If 
you do an:
$ ls -a
you will see a .svn subdirectory was created as part of your checkout.  
This subdirectory is used by the svn client. You should not touch 
anything in this subdirectory.

So that demonstrates how you can check out various parts of the entire 
bluesky svn repository and manage them in different places on your local 

Next exercise (this is a virtual exercise):
I want to modify something on the bluesky website.  Let's assume that I 
have already checked out the website as noted above using the 'svn co' 

First... I cd into the website directory of the checked out website on 
my machine, then
$ svn update
This command pulls in any changes that others have made to the website.  
I always issue svn update before I start changing code in the repo to 
make sure I am working with the most recent code. I don't have to 
provide the arguments because all that info 
is stored in the .svn subdirectory.

Next, make my changes. Then...
$ svn diff
This will display a 'unified diff' (you can google that phrase) of the 
changes I made.  Review the changes, and if you are satisfied, commit 
the changes like this:

$ svn commit -m "description of your change"

Your changes will be sent to the svn server.

So.. before I continue writing, does that answer any questions for you?


> On 8/21/08, bill stoddard <> wrote:
>> bill stoddard wrote:
>>> Spent some time this evening getting the bluesky website cleaned up in
>>> the svn repository.  If you want to make updates to the site, here is
>>> how you do it:
>>> First: On your machine... checkout the bluesky website from the svn repo
>>> $ svn co  .
>>> Edit the website files as needed.
>>> Second: Check-in your changes to the website svn repo
>>> $ svn commit -m "a brief message describing what you changed"
>>> Your changes & updates are now checked into the svn repo, next you
>>> need to 'publish' the site:
>>> Third: ssh into
>>> $ ssh
>>> $ cd /www/
>>> Fourth: check out the website from svn
>>> $ svn co .
>> It's late, has been a long day and I'm not thinking clearly... this
>> fourth step is wrong.  Should do an svn update rather than a checkout:
>> $ svn update
>> That should pull in all files that have changed in the svn repo.
>> You still need to issue chmod g+w on any files that were updated to give
>> them group write permissions.
>> very simple isn't it? :-)
>> Bill

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