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From bill stoddard <>
Subject Howto: How To update the bluesky website
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2008 02:16:46 GMT
Spent some time this evening getting the bluesky website cleaned up in 
the svn repository.  If you want to make updates to the site, here is 
how you do it:

First: On your machine... checkout the bluesky website from the svn repo
$ svn co  .

Edit the website files as needed.

Second: Check-in your changes to the website svn repo
$ svn commit -m "a brief message describing what you changed"

Your changes & updates are now checked into the svn repo, next you need 
to 'publish' the site:

Third: ssh into
$ ssh
$ cd /www/

Fourth: check out the website from svn
$ svn co .

The site is now published. It will probably take a few hours for the 
infrastructure to pick up the changes, so don't expect to see the 
changes show up immediately.

The next step is very important...

Finally: Change the website permissions to give all bluesky committers 
permission to update the site on
$ chmod -R g+w *

You should NEVER have to scp files from your local machine to You should always be able to do your work on your 
local machine on a copy of the website checked out on your local 
machine.  Check in your changes to the svn repo, then check out your 
changes on

That's it. Let me know if you have any questions...


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