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From bill stoddard <>
Subject bluesky website update
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2008 04:17:15 GMT
I just updated the website in svn to remove links to the GPL'ed content 
and to remove the calls to the urchin.js script.  I can't publish the 
new site because file perms in the directory are set to 644 and Shan 
Jiang is the owner.

I also archived the bluesky/webpage directory.  Tar'ed the directory up, 
deleted the subdirectory then moved the tar'ed image to my home 
directory on people.apache (~stoddard) in case there was something 
important worth keeping in there.  We need to keep all the contents 
under the /bluesky directory very neat and tidy.

Couple of other housekeeping suggestions:
1. Don't use .htm extension, use .html instead. Now, we have two 
separate index files, index.htm and index.html.  The .htm should be removed
2. Some of the file names have spaces. Probably not a good idea, 
although it doesn't appear to be causing any problems (except with my 
emacs editor)


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