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From bill stoddard <>
Subject Re: Multiple concerns reviewing BlueSky podling website
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2008 15:42:40 GMT
Thanks for the feedback.

chen hecky wrote:
> Dear all
> a, First, I'm sorry that there are some wrong with webpages when we are
> updating the page. We will correct them as quickly as possible.
> b, Second, I admit the website of Bluesky is based on Tuscany design and
> styles. It is a miss for us that we don't  announce copying the design and
> styles from Tuscany. 

I don't think there is anything intrinsically wrong with copying the 
style and layout from another ASF project's website, however it is VERY 
important to give credit to the original creators (Tuscany in this case) 
to prevent hurt feelings.  I discourage reusing a project's logo image.  
Maybe a derivative image is ok... Maybe the correct way to think about 
this is to consider the projects in the Apache Software Foundation as 
one big family and we need to treat members of the family with respect.  
Bluesky can pick up code, website design, or other artifacts from the 
other projects, just let the project members know before hand what we 
(Bluesky) plan to do.

> At beginning of building website  we have no experience
> of the website construction in apache, so someone told us to found
> it following the the Tuscany design and styles. So we build the website
> following the mode. But the contents of the website is no relation to
> Tuscany. In the future, we will update our website constantly, and mybe
> change the styles.
> c, Third, It is a mistake that "a Google Copyrighted js" is in our
> website. We will put right as quickly as possible.

> And thanks for  Luciano Resende's attention and suggestions.

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