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From "Bernd Fondermann" <>
Subject Re: Making the project successful
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2008 10:38:06 GMT
On Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 5:17 AM, Shan Jiang <> wrote:
> Dear Bernd,
>    Your suggestions about "BlueSky ASF Project" are very significative for
> us, and thanks a lot for your guide. We shall start  doing something to make
> up for the deficiency of "BlueSky ASF Project" according to your
> suggestions. Detailed schemes list in email below.
>    Best Regards
>    Shan Jiang
> 2008/7/6, Bernd Fondermann <>:
>> Hi everybody,
>> In the January board report it was noted that project "BlueSky" is
>> going into incubation.
>> Yet I failed to find any reports about it since then and It isn't
>> linked from the incubator website.
>> New projects need to report to the PMC for the first three months and
>> then every three month.
> It is making things much better understandable if you start reading
> all the information there is about incubation on the incubator's
> website.
> to Bill or Bernd : I have some questions about this report Bernd mentioned.
> What is the content of the report? Is there any report form for the report?
> Is there some referrences of other project in ASF Incubator for us?

Yes. As I said in the paragraph before, the incubator website provides
many useful information.
I recommend that all project participants get familiar with it.
Unfortunately, currently this information is only available in
english. Do some BlueSky committers understand english?

You find examples about the reports in the archives of mailing list, another very central and useful
communication platform.

Please check out for yourself.

> is online and
> announces the releases of various subprojects this year. As these
> releases don't seem to be done from the ASF, where can they be found?
> to Bernd and Bill: BlueSky Dev. Team try to commit all source code files of
> these releases to Apache SVN in ten days. It take more time to remove or
> substitute the GPL code in the original programme of BlueSky.

I understand that the source code is not currently in Apache
repository. Where can it be accessed publicly instead?
Is it still closed source?

> It seems to me that the project could benefit from more than the two
> mentors it currently has. Incubator best practice requires at least 3.
> I propose you go to or contact candidates
> directly.
> to Bernd: BlueSky ASF Project has three mentors now: Bill Stoddard, J Aaron
> Farr, Niclas Hedhman.

Please update your project information in svn accordingly.

> I also note that there is no active dicussion on the mailing lists. To
> attract other developers to the project, which is vital to become a
> proper and diverse ASF open source project, you need to be working in
> the open as much as possible.
> I suggest you move over all your internal discussion over to the dev
> list and link your project from the main incubator website so people
> can find it.
> to Bernd & Bill: Dev. Team shall submit several significant or interesting
> dicussions on the mailing lists, and  the work and status about these
> dicussions  will be listed in main incubator website.

Well, please move over _all_ discussions, not only "significant" or
"interesting" ones.
If this project is in active development by a dozen or so developers,
there should be _plenty_ activity on the list!

> One question to Bill:
> which website is better to list the the work and status about these
> dicussions, BlueSky official website (,
> BlueSky incubator wiki ( or BlueSky
> project status page (
> Please Bill give us some advice.

Website and wiki should contain all relevant project information. The
status page is for certain project information only, other incubating
projects may give you good examples.


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