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From "Shan Jiang" <>
Subject Re: I want to confirm someting!
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2008 10:02:04 GMT
2008/7/18, chen hecky <>:
> Hi, I want to confirm someting!
> Firtstly, how to comply with the  ASL?
on side of our BlueSky ASF project, I regard the code only written by
ourself comply with ASL.
> Then, do  the GNU C Library, the GNU ISO C++ Library and the software of the
> Open Group conform the ASL?
Can you give some examples of GNU C Library the GNU ISO C++ Library
and the software of the Open Group conform. I think it's better that
all uncertain libs should be list to be comfirmed one by one.
> Our project ------ Bluesky Project---------- include many software library
> of above three, such as :
> stdio     <stdio.h>
> stdlib.h
> string    <string.h>
> sys/ioctl.h
> sys/mman.h
> sys/poll.h
> sys/socket.h
> sys/soundcard.h
> sys/stat.h
> sys/time.h
> sys/types.h
> sys/un.h
> time.h
> unistd.h
> After looking into, we found that most of them are declared that " you can
> redistribute it and/or   modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General
> Public   License as published by the Free Software Foundation". So are they
> These are puzzling us!
Well, it's obvious that all of the code you list is under LGPL.

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