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From "Shan Jiang" <>
Subject Re: Next Steps (was Re: svn commit: r676784 - /incubator/bluesky/trunk/c++/)
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2008 07:57:29 GMT
Well, I think the libs of jthread and jrtplib can be linked
dynamically under ASL now and we outght to hold the author's
description of header files.

2008/7/15, du.haipeng <>:
> I have contacted with the author of jthread and
> jrtplib(
> and he said we can use this two libs any way we like.The license is a very
> simple MIT-style license. It seems this two libs are OK.
> And i think there is no need to modify the license header, isn't it?
> du.haipeng
> 2008-07-15
> 发件人: bill stoddard
> 发送时间: 2008-07-15 09:50:55
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> 主题: Next Steps (was Re: svn commit: r676784 -
> /incubator/bluesky/trunk/c++/)
> wrote:
>> Author: dane0101
>> Date: Mon Jul 14 18:19:02 2008
>> New Revision: 676784
>> URL:
>> Log: (empty)
>> Removed:
>>     incubator/bluesky/trunk/c++/
> Thanks Jiang.
> Next Steps:
> We need a plan for moving forward.  First task to to do an assessment of
> the bluesky code, component by component, to identify where each comes
> from and the applicable license.  Post the results of the assessment to
> this mailing list.  In cases where bluesky has dependencies on GPL/LGPL,
> we need to clearly understand the nature of those dependencies, both
> technical (linking, etc) and the affect on end users of bluesky (how
> will they assembly a fully functional bluesky system).   I feel that
> there is a good possibility that bluesky has so much GPL/LGPL throughout
> the codebase that it may be impossible to host this project at the ASF.
> I hope that is not the case, however if it is the case, we need to
> accept it and do the right thing.
> If, after the assessment, we determine that bluesky is still a viable
> ASF project, the team will need to get the copyright holders of the
> existing code (XJTU University?) to sign a license grant to the ASF.  I
> can help with that when we get to this point.
> As pointed out by Bertrand, all discussions about resolving this issue
> need to be done in the open on the mailing list.  Let's keep going
> forward and solve  this problem if possible.
> Bill
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