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From Andrej Golcov <>
Subject Re: Query Builder (Search / Custom Query)
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 10:59:40 GMT
> I'm not clear on what this means in practice - I had the impression that
> both Amazon and (current) Bloodhound show the number of items found under
> the current constraints (query term, other facets) per facet.
Actually, Amazon search shows counts for Brands out of search scope.
For example, using your sample from url above, if you filter by
Sumsung brand, you see also other brands and counts. Ok, we are to
deep in technical details here.

>>  - Number of products can be quite big and facet filter IMHO is not
>> the best way to filter product specific resource.  I would suggest
>> having an combo or dropdown with product selector. Something similar
>> to projects in or "computer
>> components" dropdown in amazon link that you provided. The product
>> selector can be  part of top navigation and used not only by search.
> Seems reasonable, although I would suggest that Chosen has a better Multi
> Select style:

>>  - search breadcrumbs:
>>    - What does link on "Search >" on the left of breadcrumb?
> http://[bloodhound]/search (incl current search box query)

>>    - I suppose that click on "Ticket >" link in the breadcrumbs resets
>> all filters except search box query? Does "Clear filters" link
>> duplicates the similar functionality?
> My thinking was actually that it removes all filters other than the one for
> Type.
I like how ebay represents search breadcrumbs, for example, check this
It is very clear that click on search breadcrumb deletes a particular filter.

>>  - I think about "View as" as a part of toolbar below of search
>> breadcrumb. The toolbar may include select all/none methods, batch
>> operations etc.
> Yep. Those options shouldn't be visible though unless they actually apply.
> See Gmail's batch operations buttons for inspiration.

>> - Will we support possibility to specify sorting in free text search view?
> No - If our sorting of results isn't good enough for the majority of cases
> we should probably fix that before we ask users to figure it out for
> themselves.
Just one note: grid view already supports sorting of columns similar
how it is done in Trac custom queries.
I think we can later provide kind of sort selector, at least for grid view.

Cheers, Andrej

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