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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Development and release process
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2013 21:11:02 GMT
On 3/18/13, Branko Čibej <> wrote:
> On 18.03.2013 12:30, Joachim Dreimann wrote:
>> Ok, so my suggestion would be that whenever a commit message mentions a
>> ticket, it gets added to the ticket as a comment.
>> - Poor commit messages get more exposure that way
>> - It encourages people to refer to tickets providing more context ( NOT a
>> substitute for a good commit message)
>> - Developers don't need to also add a comment to Bloodhound directly, the
>> commit message will do.
> This sounds like something BH should automate, post 1.0 :) I bet there
> are already Trac plugins for that.

If I understood correctly , we could be doing this right away [1]_ ,
but we'll need VCS (svn, git, ...) hooks to make it happen . To work
towards an enhanced user experience for BH>1.0 it'd be an option to
suggest trachacks:RepositoryHookSystemPlugin which is aimed at
providing a VCS-agnostic solution to manage hooks . Many enhancements
needed , included better integration with Windows OS . FWIW I'm the
maintainer .

>> For that Bloodhound would need some awareness of the repository; that has
>> never been available since we started the project, and has been an open
>> Jira ticket since last July(!):
>> Greg and Brane, how do you suggest we can get progress on this? We've
>> followed up on this quite a few times: via IRC, email and in board
>> reports.
>> Gary has also just raised the priority.
> How hard, exactly, would it be to teach BH to look at remote
> (Subversion) repositories? I know that the current SVN repository
> connector requires that, but I haven't been able to figure out how
> deeply ingrained in Trac is the assumption of local access.

There is an initial work [2]_ towards that goal but seems to be either
abandoned or not supported at all . Nevertheless maybe there's a
chance to continue from that point forward , or otherwise get this
done from scratch .

However , that would not be enough when it comes to enabling hooks in
that configuration , as that'd require at least some kind of web hooks
installed in place . trackhacks:TracWebHooksPlugin is aimed at making
Trac to offer one such distributed notifications scenario . So the
issue tracker would be the hooks provider (instead of the consumer ,
which what we'd need ;) so that would not be useful to get Joachim
suggestion done .

Is there some kind of support in subversion for distributed VCS
notifications (be it web hooks or whatever other name ...) that might
help us to establish those interactions with i.a.o issue tracker ?

PS: BTW I also found trac:#2523 [3]_ which might be related to the
workflow suggested by Greg in previous messages .

.. [1] Commit Ticket Updater

.. [2] Remote SVN plugin

.. [3] #2523 (TODO's from Sourcecode as a ticket) – The Trac Project



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