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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Development and release process
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2013 12:56:54 GMT
On 3/18/13, Branko Čibej <> wrote:
> On 18.03.2013 06:56, Peter Koželj wrote:
>> At the very minimum, we do need to move the discussions from Tickets to
>> mailing lists as it's a Apache requirement,
>> if I understand correctly.
> Let me try to give a concrete example: This community has decided to
> introduce "Bloodhound enhancement proposals" as a formalized procedure
> for defining and accepting feature definitions.

In part , yes, BEPs are mainly aimed at helping in fleshing out ideas
by consolidating a big and complicated proposal that is hard to
understand by following ML discussion threads . There's even no need
to create one such document to get features in .

> Fine. But, why then,
> once the feature has been designed and documented, take the extra step
> of breaking it down into separate tasks and creating tracker entries for
> those -- instead of just writing code?

Because :

  1. the wiki page is a very bad resource to track feature comments ,
      changesets traceability , regressions , test failures ...
  2. not everything that's been done is documented in detail in BEPs
      just the surface , the overall picture (e.g. for BEP 3
      consider multiproduct UI tickets, permission policy , ...)
  3. there should be a list of tickets implementing BEP in
      implementation notes section

in order to not to make this happen without major efforts involved a
wiki to ticket solution may be installed in place . just one click
required .

PS: all that is IMO



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