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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: [BEP-0003] Database upgrade to multi-product (Was: Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #406: Database upgrade to multiproduct)
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2013 15:50:58 GMT
On 2/28/13, Andrej Golcov <> wrote:
>> For me, the only issue is how tickets within a product will refer to
>> tickets
>> in the global scope. There are actually a fair number of potential
>> solutions
>> including:
>> 1. Reserve a keyword to represent the global env (e.g. def, default,
>>    global, null or whatever)
> +1 to have global/default/whatever keyword as it looks less ambiguous.


> In this case it worth to have also url access with the same keyword e.g.


> http://host/env/products/global/ticket/1 for global env

The TracLinks expression for this will be product:global:ticket:1 .
The one for global env will be global:ticket:1 and will be expanded to
http://host/env/ticket/1 . That's exactly what disambiguation is all

> http://host/env/products/prod1/ticket/2 for prod1 env

jftr product:prod1:ticket:2

> In this case, there is one thing to discuss on this subject: what
> exactly global env resources have in db after migration: NULL or
> global/default/whatever string.
> Personally, +1 to have string instead of NULL

IMO it should be '' i.e. empty string , otherwise NULL . IMO we better
use '' because SQL checks for NULL values will required product IS
NULL predicate as opposite to WHERE product = '' . Choosing the second
will allow us to provide an uniform treatment to both global and
product data at SQL translation time .



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