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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: User comments on ticket modification UI
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2013 10:48:32 GMT
On 31/01/13 22:00, Tom Kitchin wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been following along in the discussion and I've been encouraged to
> weigh in, so I've just spent a bit of time playing with the ticket layout,
> and my thoughts are below.
> My first thought is that the scroll spy doesn't really suit the layout, as
> has been suggested - on my laptop at least it takes up a considerable
> amount of screen estate without providing much value - the ticket itself
> simply isn't long enough to warrant it.  As has also already been noted,
> the "Modify ticket" button also functions differently from the line of
> similarly styled buttons next to it.  It might work better if the Modify
> ticket button was visibly separated from the positional buttons, and became
> the Update/Submit/whatever button when in edit mode instead of having the
> "Update (leave)" button above it.  This would cut back on the size of the
> spy a bit without losing functionality.  The length of the change history
> isn't a problem if the spy is kept this way, as well - collapsing it
> strikes me as a bit clunky.
> I think there's a strange overlap on changes to comments.  I agree that any
> change should allow for leaving a comment with it, but then we have a
> section called "Change history" in the page but "Comments" in the spy, and
> the "Submit changes" button being used to submit a comment even if you're
> not in edit mode.  We should encourage discussion of tickets where
> relevant, so making commentary without change easy would be best, I think.
>   Perhaps just reducing the "Submit changes" text of the button under the
> comments box to "Submit" would be enough of a change there?  I suspect that
> a comments box on a ticket with "Submit changes" under it would make me
> nervous, while just "Submit" reads as submitting a comment when commenting
> and submitting changes when editing.  Similarly, the Comments navigation
> button could read "History" instead, which I think also carries a dual
> meaning which will make sense to people looking for past comments and
> people looking for the change history.
> I think accept/reassign/resolve should be buttons outside of edit mode, and
> should act immediately rather than need submitting.  If they're a set of
> actual buttons their purpose and immediate effect is completely clear,
> while embedding them in the Update button dropdown is confusing.  Unless
> you check the dropdown, what does "Update (leave)" mean, anyway?
> Tom

Sorry I have taken so long to consider this. And thanks for the great 
feedback Tom!

The accept/reassign/resolve actions still really require a submit 
action, particularly as we want to be able to leave a comment on the 
associated event. Even with the case of accepting a ticket, it is not 
clear cut that a comment would not be required even if it is less 
likely. Also, keeping these state changes together with other ticket 
edits seems better to me so that one comment can cover any important 
things that need to be said about the changes as a whole.

The only area where I think that there is an excuse for immediate 
submission would be things like ticket watching if we are happy that 
such things should not end up being a part of the ticket history.


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