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From Andrej Golcov <>
Subject Re: [BEP-0003] Multiproduct UI/UX
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2012 14:52:36 GMT

>> 1. Introduction of global dashboard:
> Effectively I consider this to be what we already have and that product
> pages are the equivalent of the project specific dashboard. The distinction
> is probably not too important of course and on <product-id>/dashboard links
> we probably want the product's dashboard style view.
What I would expect from global dashboard as a user is quite different
to product dashboard:
 - list of my tickets from different products w/o product specific
data e.g. milestones, components etc.
 - optionally list of available projects with some data e.g. sum of
open tickets, last changes etc.
 - search and other global plugins

>> * default page/entry point for the user
> I can see this working for users with access to multiple products. If a user
> only has access to a single product, wouldn't we want them to go directly to
> their product dashboard view?
That can be confusing to user when user gets the second project.
Additionally, global dashboard  can contain widgets that can be
interesting even to single-product user e.g. vacation, time-reports
etc. AFAIK, Jira, redmine and youtrack show global dashboard even to
single-product user.
IMHO, BH should not hide its multi-product nature otherwise it can be
confusing when user will get the second product.

Regards, Andrej,

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