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From Gary Martin <>
Subject [BEP-0003] Product/ticket namespaces (Was: Re: [Apache Bloodhound] Proposals/BEP-0003 modified)
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2012 15:33:34 GMT
On 14/11/12 15:19, Jure Zitnik wrote:
> Hi all,
> I added a rough list of proposed features for multi product support to 
> BEP-0003 wiki. Please review and comment.
> I would suggest that we start discussions on each of the proposed 
> features on bloodhound-dev@, mail subject on proposed features should 
> be in the form of '[BEP-0003] <feature name>' (according to BEP 
> Guideliness).

Heh.. I see I missed a few decisions on how we would be doing all this. 
Oh well.

>> +=== Product/ticket namespaces
>> +Product and ticket ID should form a two dimensional namespace, 
>> tickets would in addition to current URL scheme also be addressable 
>> through the product URL namespace, namely /ticket/<product>/<id>. 
>> Each product would have a separate numberspace for product ticket IDs.
>> +

I would probably go with a more general 
/<product>/<resource-name>/<resource-id> scheme - as in /bh/ticket/1234.

To increase the potential namespace for this scheme, paths would 
probably have to be preceded by something to identify it as a product 
prefix as well though.


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