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From Gary Martin <>
Subject dashboard ticket query ordering
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 14:53:52 GMT

As I understand it, we want the dashboard view to show a list of tickets 
that is likely to be interesting to the viewer. In order to focus in we 
will probably need additional plugins for watched tickets, ticket due 
dates and so on. However, given that these plugins could be turned off 
or ignored, we should probably already be looking at making sure that we 
have a reasonable order for the tickets.

At the moment the queries are in ticket created order and the main way 
that this is mitigated is that we have one list of "My Tickets" and one 
for "Active Tickets". I was wondering whether we could order the tickets 
by milestone due date while we don't have ticket due dates but this 
appears to require a custom report. Secondary ordering should probably 
be by ticket priority for the moment.

Does this sound reasonable for now?


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