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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Proposal of pending tasks for beginners WAS: #187: Remove row count and results pagination from Dashboard (Was: Re: Trying to get started on Bloodhound development)
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2012 17:14:36 GMT
I've been reviewing All Tickets By Milestone [1]_ and maybe these
tickets are also good targets just to start .

#119 	Implement theme extensions code 	dashboard 	new 			enhancement
	major 	nobody 	Jun 28, 2012
#18 	Change message for self registration 	plugins 	assigned
			enhancement 	major 	nobody 	Aug 30, 2012
#95 	Display of owner in dashboard views should depend on the
availability of the field 	dashboard 	new 			enhancement 	major
	nobody 	Jun 29, 2012
#154 	Installer fails when providing repository type without a path
and vice versa 	installer 	new 			defect 	major 	gjm 	Aug 6, 2012
#123 	Check functionality of all screens with missing
Products/Versions/Milestones/Components 	dashboard 	new 			task 	major
	nobody 	Jul 13, 2012

and maybe this one (not scheduled for release 2 but definitely important ;)

#162 	Convert version control user interface to Bootstrap 	ui design
	assigned 			enhancement 	major 		Sep 3, 2012

It's just a suggestion . What do you think ?

Towards a more generic discussion I'd point out that maybe we should
have a custom field like «difficulty» highlighting prior expectations
of the skills needed to complete a task / close a ticket . A query
like difficulty=low|moderate could be used to find all such tickets
... and maybe even a link could be added in BloodhoundContribute as
well ;)

Of course , that should be setup starting from release 3 ... release 2
is almost done ;)

PS: Many things can be learned by reviewing patches submitted to the
isssue tracker as well . Most of the tickets assigned to user olemis
will have some . Those scheduled for Release 2 have been baked
«recently» ;)

.. [1] All Tickets By Milestone - report 6

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