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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject The case for user-defined dashboards (i.e. #140) WAS: Layout suggestion - affects Dashboard, Product, Version, Milestone
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2012 22:49:57 GMT
I'm «subverting» and forking previous thread because I noticed that
Gary mentioned something that may be related to #140 . So everything
mentiond below complements discussion in that ticket . Details follow

On 7/17/12, Gary Martin <> wrote:
> Talking of the possibility of seeing another user's dashboards,

Now that I read this I'd like to share with you some thoughts , all
written considering my particular understanding of the work being done
so far. cmiiw

Firstly , we have done some work so far regarding top-level dashboard
view and more focused dashboards in e.g. ticket and milestone views .
In all cases they offer a view to the currently logged in user about
the whole product .

Secondly , what you mention IMO is best modeled as another kind of
dashboard including information about a user (activity, closed
tickets, projects he has contribute code to , stats à la ohloh , ...)
. I mean , if a user is going to browse such page I think that in his
mental model (s)he is not actually interested in e.g. products list
(because this is already shown in main dashboard). It's rather quite
more possible that intent is to know of information about that
particular user . That's a whole different subject , thus a whole
different approach. IMHO that involves :

  1. Implementing User resources (see trac:ticket:2456)
  2. Implementing user pages (see trac:ticket:150) and ...
  3. ... design a dashboard focused on user-specific data.

In third place ... from a technical point of view reports and custom
query widgets support rendring information about a user other than
logged in user .

> it is
> clearly possible to extend this idea to multiple users or groups.

Yes . For instance , if we had user defined dashboards it'd be
possible to design dashboards (i.e. select contents and place it in
relevant parts of the web UI) for users interested on the same
information, maybe belonging to well-known groups .

> Presumably this could be of use to a team leader for instance. I do not
> recall a discussion here about how to help a team leader might see the
> details of the teams work.

... and here we have yet another important comment . We have
identified at least two roles (i.e. developer vs team leader) . I
insist once again they care about different details of the same unique
development process . So afaics there are (at least) two ways to go :

  1. to implement a separate area accessible at a
     different navigation route (i.e. URL)
     specific for e.g. team leaders
  2. to have a single view called dashboard
     (ok, we already have one ;) and let it be
     flexible enough as to satisfy everybody's

I'd rather choose option (2). To my eyes the main task of team leader
might not be too involved in solving tickets . Maybe he'd be more
comfortable with aggregating and analyzing team data , and ...

> It might be better to provide a slightly
> different layout (perhaps separating their own tickets and the team's)

... Gary is right whe he says so , and ...

> but at the moment we do not have the ability to distinguish this kind of
> user.

... IMO #140 is the first step to get it done

I look forward to your comments .



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