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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: First attempt to setup CI job for Bloodhound installer
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 18:07:38 GMT
On 7/12/12, Gary Martin <> wrote:
> Hi,


> I think that to run through virtualenv you would have to resort to the kind
> of trickery that I was using in the old but I am not convinced
> that is the best plan.

... well ... for the moment I'll stick to using virtualenv . I tried
to use script before but it didn't work . So I'm
hoping I can assume as a precondition that virtualenv is installed in
system python lib folder ... and won't hurt anybody's feelings ...


> If you have a throw-away VM as your slave then you could ignore the
> virtualenv part and pip install to the system instead.

fact is that testrun is a Ā«publicĀ» site used to automate builds for
FLOSS projects powered by python . This means :

  1. no VM under my control connected in there
  2. better limit the scope of side effects when running build jobs
      as this may affect others
  2a. ... hence try not to install nothing globally (I even think user
        running Jenkins server has no permission to do that either)
  2b. ... and protect build scripts against side effects introduced
        by others (... if any ...)
  2c. e.g. --no-site-packages
  3. maybe it's accurate to assume that python & virtualenv
      will be pre-installed using global python interpreter
      in the slave



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