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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: First attempt to setup CI job for Bloodhound installer
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 18:29:44 GMT
On 7/12/12, Gary Martin <> wrote:
> Actually, it sort of looks like the commands might have been running in
> what is effectively a virtualenv anyway.

yes ;)
they are using python interpreter @
/path/to/jenkins/buildjob/ws/installer/bloodhound/bin/python inside
virtualenv @ /path/to/jenkins/buildjob/ws/installer/bloodhound

> I am not sure I can comment
> properly on what is going on there.

oh yes , u can !
don't be shy ...

> I suspect that the source command fails because there is no binary
> associated with it. You might find that replacing
>     system('source %(activate)s' % ENVIRONMENT)
> with
>     system('. %(activate)s' % ENVIRONMENT)
> might work better, although I would not be certain that it has an effect
> that lasts into the commands that follow.

I'll check in a while , and let you know ...

> Given that things appear to pip install despite the source command
> failing,

yep ... seems so ...

> it looks like the ImportError exception should be taken at face
> value.. That trac is not actually installed.

well ... I noticed that but I thought that step was part of the
installer as well , that's why I asked . If it's a
pre-bloodhound-installation task then I'll add that step immediately
before . I'll let you how it goes .

In any case Bloodhound works on top of a custom Trac install enhanced
with some patches (... as we already know ...) so I wonder whether it
will be a good idea to make that distinction explicit in the installer
in order to ensure users will be using the correct code under-the-hood

> And closer at the output of
> the pip install command, it fails with:
>     Cannot find command 'svn'

That should be happening due to the fact that build job is not aware
of system PATH . Setting it should be enough ... but that one , well ,
I didn't notice before . Thanks for the pointer .

> Before it can actually starts to install the packages. At the moment
> TracAccountManager, TracThemeEngine and TracPermRedirect are all
> specified to be pulled from the trac-hacks svn server. We would have to
> check if we can get appropriate versions elsewhere if we want to change
> this.

So , fresh versions of plugins @ t.h.o will be considered stable ?
Maybe we should tag (... even if not in t.h.o svn repos then at least
in installer script ...) versions considered stable once we know they
work (<= e.g. once build jobs report everything is ok with it ;) .

What d'u think ? IMO that might improve our sleeping experience ;)



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