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From "Apache Bloodhound" <>
Subject [Apache Bloodhound] BloodhoundSearch modified
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2013 11:03:37 GMT
Page "BloodhoundSearch" was changed by andrej
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Revision 13
Comment: add description for view and sort parameters
Index: BloodhoundSearch
--- BloodhoundSearch (version: 12)
+++ BloodhoundSearch (version: 13)
@@ -54,8 +54,6 @@
  * milestone
  * summary
-By default, result output is sorted by relevance score and by resource time.
 == URL query parameters #parameters
 Bloodhound Search supports the following URL query parameters:
  * '''q''' - query string, for example: .../bhsearch?q=test
@@ -63,3 +61,8 @@
  * '''fq''' - filter query. Filter queries are not boosted and used to additionally filter
search output. Bloodhound Search joins multiple filter queries using AND operator, for example:
.../bhsearch?fq=status:"new"&fq=component:"c1" results to filter query: status:"new" AND
  * '''pagelen''' - number of rows that should be returned in a single page, for example .../bhsearch?pagelen=20.
Default pagelen value is 10
  * '''page''' - number of page in the current result set that should be returned
+ * '''view''' - the parameter specify hor search results should presented. Currently supported
value is {{{grid}}}. If parameter is missing, free text presentation will be used. Usage sample:
+ * '''sort''' - specifies search results sorting. By default, results are sorted by relevance
score and resource time ({{{sort=score, time desc}}}). 
+  * A sort parameter must include a field name (or the pseudo-field {{{score}}}), optionally
followed by whitespace (escaped as + or %20 in URL strings) and followed by a sort direction
({{{asc}}} or {{{desc}}}). If if direction is missing, {{{asc}}} is used by default.
+  * Multiple sort orderings can be separated by a comma, ie: {{{sort=<field name>+<direction>[,<field
name>+<direction>]...}}} For example: {{{sort=component, milestone desc}}}

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