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From "Apache Bloodhound" <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #217: Make Bloodhound's layout responsive
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2013 03:43:53 GMT
#217: Make Bloodhound's layout responsive
  Reporter:  jdreimann   |      Owner:  matevzb
      Type:              |     Status:  assigned
  enhancement            |  Milestone:
  Priority:  major       |    Version:
 Component:  ui design   |   Keywords:  ui, responsive, bootstrap, mobile,
Resolution:              |  tablet, desktop

Comment (by rjollos):

 r1443489 made a number of fairly trivial changes to the Milestone
 Administration panel:
  * Renamed `h2` content: `Manage Milestones`  -> `Milestone Management`
  * Renamed `input` label: `Name:` -> `Milestone Name`
  * Renamed `input` label: `Due:` -> `Due Date`
  * Removed trailing colon from `Add Milestone`

 I don't have any experience providing translations, but I've been warned
 to not make changes to translated strings. Bloodhound may have to work out
 it's own entire translation in the future, but I would think that we
 wouldn't want to break the translations provided by Trac now for trivial
 changes like this.

 I can revert this when I push my changes for #381 if reverting is the
 right thing to do. I'm hoping to first get some feedback from those that
 have experience providing translations.

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