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From "Apache Bloodhound" <>
Subject [Apache Bloodhound] BloodhoundDevGuide modified
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2013 15:58:02 GMT
Page "BloodhoundDevGuide" was changed by gjm
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Revision 4
Comment: adding possible pylint configuration to help with reviewing
Index: BloodhoundDevGuide
--- BloodhoundDevGuide (version: 3)
+++ BloodhoundDevGuide (version: 4)
@@ -2,6 +2,31 @@
 == Coding Style ==
 The coding style for Python within the project is the [pep:0008 PEP 8] standard. Deviations
from this coding style may be considered in submitted patches as readability is considered
more important.
+To help spot deviations from appropriate style, committers can use the pylint tool to search
for problems. If you are working in a virtualenv, running the following in your activated
environment will install it:
+pip install pylint
+Pylint provides a lot of output that is probably of little importance. On unix like systems
it is possible to put the following into your home directory's {{{.pylintrc}}} file to remove
some of that excess:
+# C0103 = Invalid name
+# R0201 = Method could be a function
+# R0903 = Too few public methods
+# R0904 = Too many public methods
+# R0912 = Too many branches
+# R0913 = Too many arguments
+# R0914 = Too many local variables
+# W0142 = Used * or ** magic
 == Ticket Work Guidelines ==
 Discussion of defects (bugs), new or improved features (enhancements) and other tasks should
occur primarily on the ! mailing list. It is therefore
essential that you are subscribed to this list. In general, to work on an Apache Bloodhound
ticket, you would also be expected to have an account on this issue tracker so that a ticket
can be assigned to you, discouraging others from duplicating your effort.

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