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From "Apache Bloodhound" <>
Subject [Apache Bloodhound] BloodhoundReleaseProcess added
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2013 17:21:09 GMT
Page "BloodhoundReleaseProcess" was added by jdreimann
Comment: Initial creation
= Bloodhound Release Process =

=== Prerequisites ===
1. Commit access to {{{[...]bloodhound}}} and {{{}}}
1. PGP registered on the Apache ID

=== Prepare the release ===
1. Update the RELEASE_NOTES file highlighting new features and issues fixed
 1. Optionally include major known issues that remain
 1. Update NOTICES file if required
1. Create branch named <version number>
1. Export branch to separate directory, named apache-bloodhound-incubating-<version number>
1. Zip up that directory in Terminal (OS X 10.8) using: [[br]] {{{tar -pvczf apache-bloodhound-incubating-<version
number>.tar.gz /path/to/directory}}}
1. Create .md5 and .asc files for the resulting file
1. Copy the {{{.tar.gz}}}, {{{.tar.gz.md5}}} and {{{.tar.gz.asc}}} files [release files] to
the {{{}}} folder.

=== Voting process ===
1. Call for a vote on the bh-dev@ mailing list
 1. Wait at least 72 hours before announcing a result
 1. A minimum of three PPMC members need to vote +1 to succeed
1. On replying to announce the results, the subject of the email should be changed to [RESULT]

=== Announcing the release ===
1. Copy the release files to the release location: {{{}}}

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